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Application and documentation


If your stay in Denmark lasts more than 3 months, you must apply for a registration certificate no later than 3 months following your entry.


In addition to the actual application form (OD1) you must always submit:

  •  A clear copy of your passport or other valid travel document. A colour copy is preferred.  
  • 1 passport photograph (2 if you are not an EU citizen).

When you appear at the office of The State Administration to submit your application or to receive a registration certificate you must always bring your original passport or other valid travel document.

Furthermore you must submit documentation for the basis on which you apply for registration - for instance:

  • Worker: Employer's declaration or employment contract (the employer's declaration is a part of the above mentioned OD1 application form, but you can also find it separately here)
  • Self-employed person: Budget covering the first year of operation drawn up by a registered public accountant or a state-authorized public accountant, proof of registration at the Danish Commerce and Companies Agency as well as a lease agreement that states where the activity is based. 
  • Student: Documentation for enrolment (educational establishment approved by the Danish Education Support Agency). 
  • Sufficient resources: Proof of sufficient resources to finance your stay, e.g. bank statement. If another person is willing to assume responsibility for your subsistence, we ask this person to fill out a declaration about support.
  •  Family member: Proof of family relationship with the EU citizen in the form of marriage certificate and/or birth certificate.


You submit your application personally to The State Administration. The application must be submitted to one of The State Administrations departments in Copenhagen, Aarhus, Aalborg, Odense, Aabenraa or Rønne. It is no longer possible to submit applications at our departments in Nykøbing F, Ringsted and Ringkøbing. 

Application for an EU residence document 

We shall process your case on the basis of the information that you state in your application and the supporting documents. In some cases The State Administration will seek further information regarding your case, for instance from the social authorities, the tax authorities, the police as well as relevant authorities abroad. 








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