In Denmark everybody has the right to divorce.

If you and your spouse agree in getting divorced, you can choose whether you want to start with being separated or whether you want a divorce right away. If you agree in getting separated, you can at any time apply to be divorced.  

If you disagree

If you do not agree in getting divorced, you first have to request a separation. You may get a divorce without having been separated - even if you disagree - if one of the following conditions are fulfilled:

  • Your spouse has committed adultery
  • You and your spouse have been living apart for at least 2 years because of disagreements
  • Your spouse has committed serious acts of violence against you or your children
  • One of you is already married to someone else (bigamy)
  • Your spouse has kidnapped your mutual child

You will not automatically get divorced after a separation. You have to send a request for a divorce when you want to divorce after separation. The request must be sent to The State Administration.

What needs to be done?

In order to initiate a divorce, an application for separation or divorce must be sent to The State Administration. If you and your spouse disagree on the terms of the divorce, your will be called in for a meeting to negotiate the terms and condition of the divorce. The State Administration may put a divorce case before the court if it is considered that the divorce and the terms are questionable.


There is a fee for applications of separation and divorce. The State Administration may not begin processing your case until the fee is received in our account.

A separation costs DKK 420
A divorce costs DKK 420
A negotiation of conditions cost an additional DKK 950

If you get separated before a divorce you have to pay the fee for the separation and the fee for the divorce.

To pay the fee from a foreign bank you need the following information:

IBAN: DK24 0216 4069 1753 92


Remember to state your name and date of birth or Danish social security number in connection with the payment. Otherwise, we are not able to link your payment to your application.

Fill out an application for separation or divorce

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